Dors Type 1


Doors of "economy" class, made on a profile pipe. Finishing of the canvas - milled MDF panels, insulated with mineral wool. All doors are equipped with 2 locks, a handle on the rosette, 2 antislits, and a rubber seal around the perimeter, to provide heat and noise insulation. Rigid and reliable door design, excellent insulation, affordable prices - TYPE 1. This will be an excellent choice!


Dimensions: 860х2050 and 960х 2050 (single-leaf) 1200х2050 (One-and-a-half)
Frame: 60 mm (Profile pipe 60x40)
Filling the frame:
Cloth: 65 mm (profile pipe 40x20)
Stiffening rib: 2 horizontal
Filling of a cloth: Mineral wool
Sealant: 1 D-shape contour (canvas)
Finish the canvas: MDF 10 mm / 10 mm (outside / inside)
Hinges: 2 pieces turned 24 mm x 100 mm
Anti-Slicers: 2 pcs
Doorhandle: Separate outlet
Additional lock: SR 500 Suvaldny
Main lock: 6005R-3R under the core
Bronenka: With protection against drilling
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