The manufacturer guarantees:

-           Complete set of the product.

-           Reliability and integrity of the structure.

-           Long-term life of the product and mechanisms, if properly used.


Warranty conditions:

-           The installation of the product is carried out by specialists authorized to do so, according to building codes and regulations

-           Installation of doors with access to the street, is performed in the presence of a visor, to prevent weathering (rain, snow, sunlight), as well as to ensure that moisture doesn’t fall from below to the door (porch)

-           Use of the product for its intended purpose and in compliance with the rules of operation

-           The availability of the warranty card (product passport) for this product


The warranty for products (product and accessories) isn’t covered in the following cases:

-           Installation of doors with access to the street, not intended for this (flat surface)

-           Damages that have occurred as a result of self-repair or product regulation (as well as accessories), negligent attitude or use of the product for other purposes, actions of other unauthorized persons.

-           Chemical or other corrosive substances, as well as abrasive materials hit the product (it does not matter which part of the product is damaged.

-           Installation of doors, attempts to make changes in the design, repair or maintenance of the product by persons or organizations that are not granted the corresponding authority.


Operating conditions of entrance doors:

-           If possible, avoid leaving the door leaf for a long time without the need for an open position.

-           Don’t use the doors with dirty holes in the door frame or the grooves of the lock bolts.

-           Don’t wipe the product with alcohol solutions or other reactive liquids.

-           Avoid additional loads on the construction of doors and accessories.

-           Periodically (1-2 times per year) conduct technical preventive maintenance of the product (lubrication or adjustment) of moving and locking mechanisms and door elements.

-           Metal doors can’t be fixed with improvised tools such as stones, boards, etc.

-           Avoid strong claps with the door. Strong cotton by the front door can deform the entire structure - after all, the door is heavy.

-           Don’t allow children to roll on the door leaf or play with the door, to avoid injury.


Conditions of acceptance of goods:

-           Upon receipt of the goods from the seller, the buyer must check the goods for the absence of any damages or defects (which may occur, for example, during transportation.

-           The buyer must ensure that the product is in complete set.

-           In accordance with the quality and completeness of the product, the buyer must sign in the document for receipt of goods.


Package contents:

-           Door assembly

-           Platbands 3 pcs (stand, hinged loop, intersection) * with fastening elements (screws with plugs).

-           Handle with fastening elements (screws or self-tapping screws).

-           Lock cylinder with fastening element (screw).

-           Protectors with fastening elements (screws)*.

-           Plugs for self-tapping screws 30 pcs. **


* Not available for TYPE 4 and TYPE 9.

** For doors TYPE 0, TYPE 0+, TYPE 4, TYPE 9



Terms and methods of delivery of TM "ArmA" products are discussed with each partner individually, directly at the conclusion of partnership agreements.


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